Shall we saber?

Shall we saber?

Feb 10, 2022


Ilaria Rosa

Tecnica sciabolare


In the dictionary we find in correspondence with the meaning of the verb to saber, the definitions: to strike with the saber or to take a saber. Nowadays, it is now customary to think of the use of this word as an expression with which we refer to the practice with which bottles of champagne are opened in a very scenographic way. It is precisely with the use of a saber that this technique takes place; with a sharp and decisive blow, it is slid along the body of the bottle towards the neck.

Sabrage origine francese


The word saber derives from the French "saber", it is easy to imagine that the origin of this practice can be traced back to France. During the Napoleonic period, the saber was the weapon used by the light cavalry of the troops, therefore an easily available and convenient means to open the bottles on the occasion of the celebrations of victories in battle.

This very scenic method is just as dangerous if done incorrectly. As with all the things you approach the first few times, the positive outcome is never completely guaranteed; however, our intent is to give you the best indications and tricks to make the best possible saber and, if possible, to avoid "bad figures". 

First of all, check the temperature of the bottle, this changeable is very important and could decree the success of the technique so make sure that the bottle is well refrigerated. And now, take the saber. If you don't own one, we suggest the awesome Box Cà Rugate Sparkling Dreams

Prima fase sabrage


At this point, once the foil is removed, with caution you must unhook the cage and identify the point where you will go to saber, ie along the melting line of the glass on the bottle. 

Seconda fase sabrage


Hold the bottle firmly, tilt 40/45 ° and prepare the shot by sliding the saber once up and down along the melting line. Without applying too much force, with decision, deal the blow! 




The show is guaranteed, and as the saying goes "try not harm", so be careful not to get hurt, and saberage! 

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