Shipments of glass bottles require some care and attention during every stage of transport, from our warehouse to your home.

For this reason Bottle of Italy has designed, developed and patented a new Secure Box for the transport of Wine, Beers and Spirits.

We have therefore managed to maximize the number of bottles that can be shipped in a single package (up to 16 bottles per box) without neglecting the safety of your shipments.

In full respect of the environment, we have therefore designed our packaging, reducing the cardboard used for the number of bottles shipped, and making the packaging only in recycled cardboard.

We at Bottle of Italy have always fought to protect the environment (by planting trees) and to minimize our environmental impact. It is for this reason that our Secure Boxes are made entirely of high-strength recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable, we therefore invite you to dispose of them through separate collection.