IndoVINO who?

IndoVINO who?

Jan 27, 2022


Ilaria Rosa


Non sai che vino scegliere?


Wine, renamed by some "the nectar of the Gods", has the ability to make any moment of aggregation convivial; for some, it is also a tool to ease inhibitions, we think of the Latin proverb "in vino veritas" which literally means "in the wine is the truth". Furthermore, it has always been considered a drink with multiple characteristics and beneficial properties: so if the old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is true, a good glass of wine is also recommended. The latter in fact contains a substance called resveratrol, which is nothing more than a polyphenol with antioxidant properties, which slows down the aging process. Furthermore, wine acts positively on the levels of triglycerides, cholesterol and basal blood sugar, as well as inducing an increase in the sensitivity of the tissues to the action of insulin.

Of course the "rule" is not universal, in fact not everyone is a wine drinker or aficionado, but the purpose of this article is simply to guide the most inexperienced in the oenological field, in identifying the wine that best suits their taste. Each wine has its own color, aroma and flavor; the great experts, sommeliers and connoisseurs often propose traditional combinations "studied" according to the type of dish, the moment or the occasion. But will their choice be to your liking?

vino rosso, bianco o rosato


Surely their research and studies in this regard have their foundations and importance, but the consumer's personal taste is unquestionable, and if the palate does not appreciate it, the wine does not like. Sommeliers and waiters should therefore ask the diner some simple questions about their culinary habits and personality, and thus offer the consumer combinations that could certainly satisfy him and facilitate the choice of wine. If you too are among those people who do not know which wine to choose, we suggest you follow these guidelines based on your profile, tastes and personality, and discover the wines that suit you best and that we have selected for you.

If you are an elegant person in clothing, balanced, organized and with refined manners, you will certainly appreciate a fresh, light and delicate white wine such as Riesling

If, on the other hand, you have a well-defined personality and you are a determined, decisive, self-confident person who does not accept impositions, the wine that will conquer your taste buds will surely be a full-bodied and portentous still red wine like the Barolo

Otherwise, a welcoming, diplomatic, accommodating and well-mannered person will certainly find in a good, sweet rosé glass of Cerasuolo, The perfect choice.

Finally, if you are often impatient and bordering on the "intolerant" person, a firm, tannic and intense red characterized by a long aging like theAglianico, Will be the one for you.

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