Review of the most awarded wines

Review of the most awarded wines

Jan 17, 2022


Ilaria Rosa

Over the years, the awards aimed at acclaiming and rewarding the best wines have increased considerably, so much so that it is often difficult to stay up to date and informed about it.
There are prizes awarded during the course of winemaking events; others attributed by qualified newspapers; and those established by critics by industry guides, among many others.

In particular, we pay attention to the most coveted awards from wineries, namely those dedicated to the best wines established by wine guides, which as usual, every year carry out the renowned selection and tasting of wines from all over Italy.
The most famous and prestigious are:
3 Veronelli stars
Three glasses
5 Grappoli Bibenda

5 Grappoli Bibenda


The Gold Guide I Vini Di Veronelli is the first guide to Italian wines. From the great legacy of the historic catalogs published by Luigi Veronelli in the early 1950s, it closely follows the evolution of the best Italian wineries, reviewing the individual wines produced by them; up to the highest recognition with 3 Veronelli Stars. Stay up to date and discover the winners.


Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso

Gambero Rosso is one of the main Italian food and wine guides, perhaps the most famous in Italy for winelovers, which assigns awards of excellence, with a description of the most representative wines and the most authoritative wineries, identified with the "glasses" symbol. Published since 1987, the guide is now internationally renowned and has been translated into English, German, Chinese and Japanese. The maximum recognition is expressed by the famous “Tre Bicchieri”. Stay up to date and discover the award-winning wines.


5 Grappoli Bibenda

Established by the Italian Sommelier Federation, the Bibenda guide has as its main objective that of drawing up the wine panorama of every single company located within it at 360 degrees, enhancing and giving extreme prominence to the wines that characterize it, through the attribution of the famous Bidenda Bunches from 3 up to the highest of 5. Stay up to date and discover the winners.

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