Tonino Guerra selection. When art meets wine.

Tonino Guerra selection. When art meets wine.

Jun 10, 2022


Ilaria Rosa

It is true that the dress does not make the monk, but it is equally true that the first impression is what counts. Once the image is focused, our brain elaborates an idea and a judgment; therefore, the choice of the label is very important. The label is the business card, the identity card of the wine. Ancient, modern, extravagant, creative, artistic, elegant, the label aims to entice the undecided consumer to purchase one bottle rather than another.

Cantina Montaia, after an in-depth study, has chosen to dedicate a selection of its wines to some of the works of the master Tonino Guerra. An all-round eclectic artist: Italian painter, poet, sculptor, writer and screenwriter. Tonino was an optimist, it is no coincidence that he was chosen as the testimonial of a well-known brand that immediately brings to mind his famous phrase: “Optimism is the scent of life”.

Born in Santarcangelo di Romagna, Tonino Guerra has always shown a particular appreciation for Montaia wines and a great relationship of esteem for the winery. Hence, Montaia's choice to combine quality, art and passion, with the aim of transmitting and disseminating great added value through his masterpieces and, of course, paying homage to a great man.

Seven paintings, one to celebrate each wine: from Sangiovese, a great Romagna classic present in various forms, to Cabernet Sauvignon. And the whites: Pignoletto, Pinot grigio and Chardonnay. Shapes and colors, references of women and flowers, to tell and instill the passion for his beloved land. Splendid paintings all to be interpreted, and which perhaps after a good glass of wine will be able to be contemplated even better.

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