Westmalle Abbey Brewery

Westmalle Abbey is located in Belgium, in the beautiful region of Flanders; the monks of the Cistercian order founded it in 1794, but then following a reform they became Trappists. In 1836 the monks, thinking about their internal needs, decided to produce beer; Thus was born the Trappist, in a country so dedicated to beer, the ideal drink to accompany the monks' meal could not have been anything else.

They began a constant production of a "dark" beer typical of the time, the very strict rules of the monks of San Benedetto, followed by the Trappists, imposed a moderate alcohol content. Over the years they decided to expand and sell beer outside the walls; from there, the demands increased and in a short time the brewery decided to improve the production equipment.

We arrive at the 1930s and scientific progress, the monastery sets up a laboratory to analyze the beers produced; quality is the basis of their great success, in a continuous search for the best taste. All the raw materials used in the production are natural and of excellent quality, the ingredients used are: water from the well of the Abbey, 100% barley malt, hop cones, sugar, and yeast produced by the monks.

Westmalle beers are produced with the high fermentation technique and re-fermented in the bottle following their basic rules, which involve donating part of the proceeds from the sales of their various products to charity. Their beers are famous in Belgium and in many countries of the world, but it is not part of their philosophy of life to promote initiatives to increase their sales.




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Antwerpsesteenweg 496/N12, 2390 Malle, Belgio

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