Augustiner-Bräu Wagner Brewery

Augustiner-Bräu Wagner is a well-known German born brand in 1328, a recurring number in the emblem of the brewery, when the Augustinian monks began the production of beer in their monastery near the cathedral of Munich. The monks brewed their beer in this convent for nearly 500 years, selling it exclusively in their tavern which was a much-loved haunt of Munich residents.

In recognition of the exceptional quality that characterized Augustinian beer, the Prince exempted the monastery brewery from all taxes existing at that time. In 1803, during the secularization, that is the historical moment that indicates the passage of goods and territories from the Church to civil owners, the State requisitioned the Augustinian monastery.

The convent brewery was privatized and, in 1829, was acquired by the brewer Anton Wagner of Freising. Augustiner-Bräu Wagner KG over the course of history has overcome wars, underwent significant transformations and innovations, but still remains a recognized symbol not only in Germany but worldwide.

Today Augustiner always offers excellent quality beer whose production is entrusted to expert master brewers who use only selected raw materials from the region, paying great attention to Munich's traditions and roots.

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