Barch Brewery

Barch is a brewery with an adjoining brewery born inside the eighteenth-century barchessa of a former Venetian Villa, Villa Pola, located in Barcon di Vedelago (TV), of which nothing remains today except the foundations.

With regard to the brewery, the partners who gave it life wanted to recreate on the two floors of the barchessa, a place where it is possible to eat and drink, with a homemade environment, where every single piece of furniture is an original piece of the 60s - '70 with its own story. 

The modern brewery plant was built in the 1990s; given the high level of technology, the company used it as a showroom, showing it to customers from all over the world; today it is partially visible behind the counter of the brewery.

Barch beer is produced by the master brewer Federico, and can be found in several types: red, black, white, blonde and keller - from the German "beer from the cellar", cloudy and unfiltered. An amazing variety that all deserve a taste!




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Via Pomini, 3, 31050 Barcon TV

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