Bombeer Brewery

Bombeer was born in August 2020, during a terrible year for thousands of Italian companies. The beer sector has also been hit hard by the crisis resulting from the pandemic. However, Bombeer wanted to go beyond the current and challenge the market by launching, together with Birra Castello, a new extraordinary product.

A grandiose agreement that immediately saw the Castello company believe in the Bombeer project. A great bet by the two companies which, however, brought a ray of sunshine into the dark Italian landscape of that period, given the excellent results achieved by Bombeer who closed the year with an important turnover with satisfactory profits.

A product of exceptional quality that comes from the careful selection of the finest varieties of barley, hops and yeast. A 100% Italian beer whose production is been entrusted to the mastery of best Italian producers, its flavor is reminiscent of that of craft beer of the past.

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