Brasserie d'Achouffe Brewery

At the end of the 1970s, in the Vallée des Fées (the Valley of the Fairies), two brothers-in-law, Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts decide to create their own beer in the garage of Chris's mother-in-law. It was August 27, 1982 when the first beer that fans call the “History of CHOUFFE” was produced.

The passion grew, and although the beer theme for the two brothers-in-law was still a simple hobby, they still decided to buy the Achouffe brewery, the farm where they had been producing beer for 4 years. The "leisure" became full-time work and, nn 1992, production increased from 3,400 hectoliters to 5,000 hectoliters per year. 

Initially the Achouffe brewery produced only large 75cl bottles and “small” 20L barrels of La Chouffe and Mc Chouffe. Only starting from May 2009 the 33cl bottles are introduced on the market.

The gnomes, distinctive elements of the brand, each represent the beers in the range, and each has its own history and characteristics. Marcel (La CHOUFFE) and Malcolm (Mc CHOUFFE), founder gnomes of the brewery, over time saw the arrival in the family of new companions including Matthew (Houblon CHOUFFE) and now Micheline (Cherry CHOUFFE).

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Achouffe 32, 6666 Houffalize, Belgio

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