Petrognola Brewery

Tuscany, province of Lucca, in a small town in Garfagnana is La Petrognola, a brewery that was born from the idea and the will of Roberto Giannarelli to turn a passion and a desire guarded since childhood to produce beer into business.

Roberto initially destined the production of his beer to close friends and relatives, his spelled-based recipe was developed and produced at home with only the use of minimal household tools such as a ladle, a thermometer and a cauldron.

The continuous appreciation for his beer prompted Roberto in 2005 to obtain and allocate a room of the house of 4x4 meters as a factory, an even smaller room as a fermentation room, and to purchase the its first "small" 100-liter system.

Subsequently, the continuous requests for his product and the obvious bureaucratic reasons lead Roberto to decide to invest and finally fulfill his dream by moving the production to a historic ex-stable renovated ad hoc today known as Birrificio Petrognola.

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