Agricola Ludus Winery

Cantina Agricola Ludus Agricola Ludus was founded in 2015 by the will of Luciano Squilloni and produces wines and organic products in the heart of Tuscany, in the Chianti area. First entrepreneur in the world of textiles, among a thousand frills and damasks, he had an idea! That of regenerating the tissues and producing again, so as not to waste anything and respect the environment in its small way. Gradually the textile company grew, and today it represents an important reality in the Italian heart; but his passion also grew.
Wine is an art that has always been loved.
Thus the idea of founding a new winery was born. A winery that respects the earth; his land; and above all that each bottle can tell a story, and let its tasters experience the emotions of those who, starting from scratch, have grown a lot, giving work to many families and teaching those values of respect for the earth. So towards the new generations. So towards his collaborators.



Tuscany (Italy)

Foundation year


Ettari Vitati



Via Volterrana, 24, 50050, Borgo Forte, Gambassi Terme - Florence (FI)

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