Barsento Winery

The journey to go to Noci, a splendid town that rises on the hills of the Murge in the province of Bari, is dotted with natural landscapes that stretch for kilometers, beautiful to be enchanted. In this enchanted and uncontaminated territory, Barsento was born more than fifty years ago, a winery that, as the current Administrator Rocco Colucci tells us, "translates the essence of Puglia into wine".

The company is a winery founded in 1969 with a visionary enterprise for the time: enhancing quality wines from only Nocese viticulture. What makes this estate unique and special are the approximately one thousand square meters of underground cellar dug into the limestone rock and 15 meters deep.

A unique oenological jewel that amazes for its exaggerated beauty, with its long tunnels and perfectly organized and tidy cells that contain real precious treasures of the Apulian wine tradition. The wine is aged in the rocky barrel cellar, with precise temperature and humidity control.

The variety of native vines are Primitivo, Malvasia and Negramaro: grapes selected for their territoriality and authenticity, whose quality is further enhanced through an exclusively manual grape harvesting chain. The company's labels (IGP and DOC) are not simple wines, but are the result of a great passion for quality grapes and for nature, the only true creator of the rare characteristics of each raw material.

Generous and intense is the Paturno, a ruby red with a particular, complex, and at the same time sweet bouquet, typical of Primitivo. The Ladislao, a rare Negramaro in imposing purity, almost dark, with mature aromas, is aged in oak barrels and is an excellent wine for those who love to amaze and be amazed.

If we wanted to define Casaboli, it would surely be a beautiful elegant woman with a refined taste. Produced from Primitivo, this DOC is a powerful wine that blends its pleasantness with tannins. Primitivo Malicchia Mapicchia, is a sweet and fresh meditation nectar with great vinosity on the palate, it is aged for one year, and is very suitable for any culinary combination.

Cantine Barsento's wine tradition is also based on catering through the Bamì restaurant. The restaurant is located within the Barsento estate and is based on the enhancement of raw materials, on carrying on dishes that reflect tradition, and on respecting the organoleptic properties of the ingredients. A concept that has always accompanied those who work with respect and devotion the products of the earth.

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