Benjamin Leroux Winery

Escaped from the mythical cave of Comte Armand, where, for years (since he was twenty), he played the role of regisseur with great success, he decided to give free rein to his creativity, setting up his own business.

He set up his winery in Beaune and did so by sharing not only the expenses for the structure but also the know-how, with a trio of highly respected vignerons; in fact, since 2007, they have settled in part of the old cellar of Jaboulet-Vercherre, built in 1898 in Beaune, and have progressively invested in upgrading the facilities and machinery; the vast environment includes large stainless steel tanks and presses on the first floor and a large barrel cellar in the basement.

Benjamin works on 50% vineyards conducted in a pure organic regime and the rest using the well-known concept of lutte raissonè; biodynamics, on the other hand, is an essential parameter in his work in the vineyard.

Expressive purity of climat sought with natural obsession and translated with great success in his creations, this is found in his wines; the maximum effort is centered on obtaining healthy grapes (harvested from the vineyard and brought to the cellar by refrigerated truck), which are a great raw material; as far as winemaking is concerned, he is obsequious to tradition, using only indigenous yeasts, not practicing temperature control and not destemming, but he knows how to prove himself modern in the technologies used (volumetric pumps and not manual decanting).

It produces about sixty thousand bottles, mostly in the Savigny Les Beaune and Auxey Duresses appellations (which together total about twenty thousand bottles) and the planting sixths are deliberately pushed to the limit for each appellation (on average fifteen thousand per hectare).

Leroux's business is mainly from negotiant (for 80%), through very strictly selected contributors, but it also boasts properties on different climats, of which the monopole "Volnay Premier Cru Clos de les Grotte", of 0.6 ha, one third whose parcel is planted with a mass selection that comes directly from the legendary “Clos de Epeneaux”. 

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