Cà Rugate Winery

The Cà Rugate winery was born in the province of Verona, with ancient origins that began even more than 100 years ago. Officially born and recognized as a winery by Amedeo Tessari, successor of Adele and then Fulvio Beo, to whom the winery then dedicates great labels of Amarone and Spumanti. Expansive lands that extend into the Soave Classico area, to Valpolicella, territories that have always kept the excellence of the Veneto region. 

The particular conformity of the soil forces the cultivation to be done only by hand, thus dedicating great effort and passion. The hand-picked grapes come from vines of different ages that have been able to improve year after year over the 100 years of cultivation. 

These territories are home to some of the best Venetian vines: Corvina - Rondinella - Corvinone - Durello - Garganera. The wines of the cellar therefore have a great enthusiasm and passion, giving great freshness and elegance. A unique and fascinating collection in many facets and formats.

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