Cantina Cà Venanzio

The Cà Venanzio estate, owned by Giorgio and Gerardo Serena, is in the fifth generation of management of their family.

It was founded by Pietro Serena in 1881 on the hills north of Venice. Each generation that has followed since then has left the company something of itself, helping it better along the way. However, the two brothers Giorgio and Gerardo made the most important investment, building a new winery in 2003 built in a sweet and sparkling style.

Prosecco Cà Venanzio has become the favorite sparkling wine of many wine drinkers, even abroad, as a glass characterized by a good fruitiness, bright and creamy, and all at a great price. Cà Venanzio is the perfect aperitif for any party. 



Veneto (Italia)

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