Ceci Winery

Cantine Ceci is an undisputed point of reference for high quality Lambrusco, a modern and lively knowledge that has been able to link tradition with innovation, producing excellent wines that are good, captivating, innovative in taste and appearance. The winery is based in Torrile, in the province of Parma, a town traditionally linked to viticulture and the production of sparkling wines.

It all originates from the famous innkeeper from Parma, Otello Ceci, who in the 1930s in his tavern with food, also served bowls of dark-colored Lambrusco. Otello, began his own production of Lambrusco and today is considered the progenitor of the Cantine Ceci, which is continued by his sons and then by his grandchildren.

In the 90s the family created a leading Lambrusco line and dedicated it to the memory of their grandfather, Otello Nero, the first Lambrusco to obtain the recognition of the 5 bunches in the classification of the Bibenda guide.

In a short time the company has become a symbol of Emilian Lambrusco in the world. All this thanks to the love for the land of origin, the passion for wine and expertise, as well as constant qualitative innovation.

The Ceci family has demonstrated to everyone the very high potential of Lambrusco, making it make a leap in quality, to the point of becoming a refined and high-class wine, freeing it from its rustic and popular origins. Today the production continues also with other wines of the Emilian tradition, but always conjugated in terms of finesse, pleasantness and modern expressiveness

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