Most famous and drunk cocktails in the world

Most famous and drunk cocktails in the world

Jun 03, 2022


Ilaria Rosa

According to the British survey conducted by "Drink International", among the best-selling and drunk cocktails in the world in 2022 we find the Italian champion "Negroni" on the top step of the podium, who finally, after seven consecutive years of second place, wins the record. This exceptional cocktail was created in the 1920s in Florence, in the aristocratic Casoni coffee located in via Tornabuoni. Its creator was Count Camillo Negroni an elegant polyglot gentleman who often traveled to New York and London; he loved to drink mixed and fell in love with gin during his travels.

Master of fencing and gambler, Count Negroni one day decided to make a change to the usual cocktail that the barman Fosco Scarselle prepared for him, and he decided to replace soda with gin, and so it was that together with red vermouth and bitter, invented the winning formula of the most popular Italian success in the world.

Ingredients and execution
1/3 of gin - 1/3 of red vermouth - 1/3 of Campari bitters - a slice of orange
In a low tumbler, first filled with ice and drained, first pour the gin, followed by the vermouth and finally the Campari. Gently mix and garnish with the orange slice. For those who have never tried it, Negroni is a fabulous aperitif cocktail that goes well with spicy foods, fried foods, aged cheeses and even cured meats.

Ousted from the top, in second place in the ranking we find the famous and mythical American drink based on Whiskey "Old Fashioned", known entirely as Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail. It is said that during Prohibition drinkers used to crush a lemon zest with sugar in the glass, to round and cover the defects of the smuggled Whiskey.

Ingredients and execution
4.5 cl of Bourbon Whiskey - a sugar cube - 2 drops of Angostura - a drop of Soda - a lemon zest - a slice of orange - a Maraschino cherry - ice.
Put the sugar cube with the drops of Angostura and Soda in a low tumbler, pound gently with a pestle until the cube is dissolved; then pour half the Bourbon and three quarters of ice and mix gently. Add the remaining Bourbon and fill with ice, squeeze the lemon zest and decorate with the cherry and orange slice.
The Old Fashioned is certainly a cocktail suitable for drinkers accustomed to the strong and pungent tastes of Bourbon Whiskeys. A masterpiece with an intense and decisive taste with an elegant appearance in its amber color; it is special for a slap-up after dinner.

On the third step of the podium, climbing a position, we find the timeless "Martini Dry" prepared for the first time in New York in 1912 by an Italian bartender for the tycoon John Rockefeller. The ingredients for this cocktail are vermouth and gin; however there are other versions such as the Sweet Martini prepared with vermouth and cherry; and the Martini Perfect which, in addition to gin, has both red and dry vermouth. With 60 ml of gin and 4 ml of vermouth, the favorite drink of the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway is prepared. And how can we forget that the Martini is also the favorite cocktail of the most famous British secret service agent 007.

Ingredients and execution
3/4 of gin - 1/4 of dry vermouth - lemon zest - a pitted green olive - ice.
To prepare, start by putting ice in a cocktail glass to cool it, fill a mixing glass with ice and then add the vermouth, gin and stir. Empty the glass from the ice, pour the cocktail by filtering it and squeeze the lemon zest on the surface to perfume with essential oils. Absolutely do not shake the martini so as not to water it down and serve the olive separately. Dry Martini is usually served as an aperitif.

Margarita is the fourth classified, the Mexican flag cocktail based on tequila (brandy distilled from agave) with the addition of triple sec and lime juice rises one position. This drink falls into the category of "Cocktail Sour" ie all cocktails based on distillate, concealer and juice; in this case the corrector is a very sweet liqueur which often replaces the sugar syrup and is flavored with essential oil of oranges.

Ingredients and preparation
3.5 cl of tequila - 2 cl of triple sec - 1.5 cl of fresh lemon or lime juice - a wedge of lemon - ice - salt
Put some ice in the Margarita glass in the shape of an "inverted hat" and let it cool for two minutes; then empty the ice from the glass, sprinkle half the rim with lemon and dip it in the salt, shaking off the excess. In a shaker filled with ice, combine the liquid ingredients, shake for twelve seconds and pour it into the glass, filtering the ice.

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