Which red wines to pair with fish

Which red wines to pair with fish

Jun 07, 2022


Ilaria Rosa

There are many people who still today consider it a "right and obligatory" choice, to bring a white wine to the table in combination with fish dishes. However, the time has come to clear this stereotype of the combination of white meat-fish with white wine, game-red meat with red wine. Accompanying a red with a mixed fry or dishes that have crustaceans or molluscs as their main ingredient may seem complicated, but in fact it is not.

First it is necessary to analyze the structure of fish and wine, since it must be proportional to each other. For those who do not know, we briefly define the structure or "body" of wine, (composed of water, alcohol and non-volatile substances), this derives from the fixed residue that remains once the first two components have evaporated. The greater the fixed residue, the greater the structure of the wine. On the palate, density, mellowness and softness help to define the body of a wine. Speaking instead of fish, this is known to be a light, delicate and less structured food than meat. Wine must never cover the taste of fish but enhance it, so it doesn't have to have one
too high alcohol content and being too aged in wood.

It is recommended to prefer wines that are only one year after the harvest, therefore a young, fresh wine with a minimum quantity of tannin; acidic and tannic notes will therefore balance the fat part without overwhelming the taste of the dish. To fully enjoy the combination, another tip to pay particular attention to is to serve the red wine in a large glass and at a temperature of about 10-12 °. It is also of substantial importance to pay attention to the fatness, the preparation and the consequent cooking of the fish since the combinations also depend on them.

Below we want to offer you some suggestions to best match your creations. A delicious fish soup, dish characterized by a long cooking, the presence of tomato and fish with a strong flavor such as octopus and redfish among the ingredients, requires a young red wine with a dry taste like Pinot Nero. The latter also fits perfectly with a good rich plate of oysters, which nevertheless goes perfectly with one Tear of Morro d'Alba. A young man Sangiovese it is excellent with a grilled blue fish; a Nebbiolo with an excellent sea bream and a Barbera with cod.

Now you just have to trust us and personally taste these combinations that will seem extravagant to you but which instead are absolutely masterful.

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