How to use wine outside the table

How to use wine outside the table

Mar 09, 2022


Ilaria Rosa

Wine is an age-old alcoholic beverage which, in addition to being obviously exceptional to drink and savor in itself, is able to cover and guarantee various uses even away from the table.
Soluzione per utilizzare il Vino

It is good practice to recycle leftover wine from meals; in fact, many times you will have had to withdraw from the table, after lunches and dinners with friends and relatives, various bottoms. Well, in these cases it is difficult to keep the leftover wine, especially if they are different leftovers or concern particular wines that unfortunately would soon lose their organoleptic and gustatory qualities and properties.

So let's see together the possible uses of wine, whether it is deliberately chosen to be used for certain specific practices, or instead, simply used to avoid wasting sour alcoholic leftovers. There are many ways to recycle wine, especially in the kitchen where we often find it even indicated in numerous recipes as an indispensable ingredient to make them, to blend, marinate, stew, flavor or make sauces.

Cucinare con il Vino

Always remaining in the culinary field, another ingenious and very tasty way can be to prepare delicious jellies, combining red wine leftovers, a little sugar and a sachet of liquid pectin. If we are talking about white wine, by pouring the alcoholic leftovers into the ice tray we will make small and practical portions that will be very convenient for you to use to flavor your preparations.

Ghiaccio a cubetti di Vino

Leaving the gastronomic field, the use of wine finds space in as many fields and ways, such as for home hygiene: it can in fact be used as a detergent, to clean the refrigerator and all kitchen surfaces; or diluted with a little water and sprayed, it is excellent for making glass and windows shine.

Detergente e sgrassatore con il Vino

And have you ever tried to get rid of grease, oil or fuel stains that often appear on the garage floor with white wine? If the answer is no, try it now and you will discover its great degreasing power.

With the bottoms of all types of wine, but especially with sweet ones, you can make excellent insecticides. It is sufficient to pour three fingers into a container, cover hermetically with cling film and make small holes with a skewer stick on top, to obtain an infallible insect trap.

Insetticida naturale con il vino

Another practice to prevent the remaining wine from ending up in the drain is its use as a disinfectant for fruit and vegetables, just as is usual with the use of sodium bicarbonate. And also in the medicinal field, as the latter relieves heartburn, even a good glass of white is said to prevent heartburn.

Wine is also an excellent antioxidant for the skin, in fact it has the ability to giving shine to the epidermis, improving the tone of the skin and the brightness of the face.

Vino come detergente per viso

Last but not least, let's talk about the great power of red wine as a natural dye. The chromatic gradation of the color obtained will depend on the intensity of the wine chosen; to try it will be enough to boil the wine in a large pot, add the chosen item, stir with a wooden spoon for 10 minutes and allow to cool before rinsing.

Il Vino come tintura naturale

In conclusion, it is still a good habit to finish all the wine of the chosen bottle, but if it is not possible, now you will know how to make good use of it and use it in one of the many ways that we have indicated; so don't be afraid to uncork!


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