Ideas and tips on how to use leftover beer

Ideas and tips on how to use leftover beer

Mar 10, 2022


Ilaria Rosa

A good glass of beer is now a recurring if not daily presence, just like wine, on the tables of millions of people. The beneficial properties of beer are numerous, obviously it is important not to exceed the recommended doses in order not to incur unpleasant consequences instead of enjoying the benefits.

Le proprietà della birra

Beer is rich in vitamins and minerals useful for our body, as well as having a great antioxidant power, diuretic effects, ability to reduce cardiovascular problems and osteoporosis. And we could continue the list, but we want to direct our attention to the use of any leftovers of this drink.

In fact, how many times have you found yourself clearing and clearing an army of bottles that show leftovers against the light ?! Sometimes it is a matter of a few drops, which often end up directly, without too many thoughts, in the sink drain; but when the surplus starts to be consistent and we talk about 2-3 fingers of beer, which inevitably would slowly end up and become undrinkable in the short term, throwing it away seems to be, and is, a real waste!

Immagine post festa con avanzi

Here we are then to give you some ideas on how to use these bottled bottoms, often "annoying", that run around the house. Certainly the most frequent use is in the kitchen, where there are many uses and preparations in which beer can take part and / or become a main ingredient.

Beer can in fact be used for the preparation of numerous recipes, but also be mixed with other drinks to create interesting drinks and cocktails, such as the very tasty SpritzBeer.

Remaining in the culinary field, the alcoholic leftovers of beer, just like it happens with wine, can be used to prepare delicious beer jellies; or they can be used in the preparation of batter for frying or to prepare amazing cakes or loaves of bread. And then, how not to mention the beer barbecue sauces or the marinades with which the meats are seasoned to make them more tender and appetizing.

Cucinare con la birra

In addition to leftovers, even the expired beer can be recovered and used in the same way for the aforementioned uses, and also for those we are about to suggest. Even if consumed after the expiration date, it does not cause any physical problems but it could simply have different taste characteristics than the original ones.

But now let's go back to seeing the anti-waste tips of this fabulous alcoholic drink which, in addition to stimulating and making the taste buds enjoy, is able to bring just as much enjoyment and stimulation to the garden. In fact, beer is an excellent natural fertilizer that promotes the growth of grass and makes the leaves of plants brighter; all this thanks to the carbohydrates it contains.

Birra come fertilizzante per giardino

It has been used for some time, surely you will have also seen or heard it done by your grandparents, as a pesticide to fight wasps or as a trap to remove snails from gardens.

Now, we are sure that you will widen your eyes and as soon as you finish the next paragraph, thinking that you have not read it right, you will go back to reread it. Beer is an excellent ally to deal with the flames in the event of a small domestic accident involving the beginning of a fire. Didn't you know, huh ?!

Another frequent use of this drink, given the rich natural acidity it possesses, is its use for cleaning of objects and dishes; a soft cloth and a good dose of beer will make oxidized gold jewelry but also wooden furniture shiny.

This ability to give shine is also found in personal care; after a regular shampooing of your hair, try to wet your hair with beer and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Rinse and dry, and you will see the result!

Lavare i capelli con la birra

We remain in the field of health and personal care; given the remarkable emollient properties of beer, we suggest a good relaxing bath in the tub or its use for the preparation of cosmetic face creams. Also for the epidermis of the feet, beer, in addition to hot water, has the ability to recreate excellent conditions for a relaxing and regenerating pedicure capable of making the skin softer and softer. It can also act as an antibacterial to fight infections or fungi.

Pediluvio alla birra

Finally, there are many studies that have documented the numerous beneficial properties of beer deriving from hops, which as we know is the main ingredient from which it is composed. Drinking beer is healthy, it promotes a good rest and a peaceful and deep sleep.

So what are you waiting for to immediately uncork one, now that you don't even have to worry about leftovers anymore?!?

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