Tips For A Perfect Gift | Bottle of Italy

Tips For A Perfect Gift | Bottle of Italy

Dec 09, 2021


Ilaria Rosa

Giving a gift isn't always easy. 

Choosing the "perfect" gift is even more difficult when the recipient is a simple acquaintance or a person with whom you are not familiar or whose tastes and interests are unknown. 

We want to help you.

Whether you are talking about a bottle of wine, a beer craft or a distillate, giving a drink is always a gift hit the spot.  

Now we will explain why it will turn out to be a great choice:

  1. It is rare to find a person who is completely foreign to the world of alcoholic beverages; for this reason it is a kind of gift suitable for everyone.
  2. You don't necessarily have to spend big bucks to offer a quality drink. Supermarkets, wine shops and online shelves offer various possibilities for all budgets guaranteeing the best happiness / price ratio.
  3. Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, birthday ... To give a good bottle as a gift every occasion it is good, and this does not necessarily have to correspond to a recurrence on the calendar. 
  4. Wine and beer are now a must at the table

An invitation to lunch or dinner immediately turns into a convivial atmosphere (be it among friends, family or sometimes work) and bringing a bottle as a gift is now customary and a sign of thanks for the hospitality towards the landlord. . 

The same goes for whiskey, rum, tequila, grappas and various liqueur proposals, which are consumed frequently at the end of a meal such as digestive.

  1. Nowadays, the use of wedding favors food and wine. 

Olive oil, honey, jams and of course wines and liqueurs are increasingly used as wedding favors; a very welcome solution by the guests.

 Original and quality proposals that aim to enhance the made in Italy telling the story and passion of our territory. 

Now instead let's take into consideration the bond with the person to whom we have to give the gift. We have already said that a good bottle will almost certainly make even the perfect stranger happy. But then there are them: enthusiasts and connoisseurs. For them it will certainly be a precious gift and a sure shot. And the collectors? They will certainly be happy to add another label to their collection.

Wines, beers and spirits, however, are not just a gift for sharing and companionship. There are raisins, Indian Pale Ale and so-called liqueur desserts "for meditation"Ideal to be tasted alone for evenings of solitude and relaxation.

Several studies have shown that moderate consumption of red wine and beer would lead beneficial effects for health. In particular, as regards wine, it benefits the heart and brain by decreasing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Beer, on the other hand, is antioxidant and anticancer. Thanks to the vitamins and mineral salts it contains, it thins the blood, prevents anemia and strengthens memory, as well as facilitating digestion due to the soluble fibers present.

In conclusion, whether it is a friend or a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, lover or an acquaintance; rest assured that anyone will always appreciate an excellent gift if there is alcohol in the middle. And if you really don't know what to choose, go to the category dedicated to gifts, there you will find strange ideas and intriguing drinks, particular bottles and of all formats .. in short, everything to please and surprise at every occasion!


Drink responsibly

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