9 Proven Methods To Eliminate Red Wine Stains

9 Proven Methods To Eliminate Red Wine Stains

Aug 12, 2021


Cristiano Aprigliano

It has happened to everyone at least once in their life: staining clothes or tablecloths with red wine.

Before you panic, you can calm down, as with the right precautions you can completely remove red wine stains without leaving any visible streaks or smudges.

The most important thing when staining with red wine is to act quickly and use at least one of the following methods that we propose before washing in the washing machine.

1) Sale


The first method concerns the salt, which can be used on practically all types of fabrics. In fact, it is sufficient to cover the wine machine with normal cooking salt and leave it to act for 5 minutes. Next, rinse with very hot, almost boiling water, being very careful not to burn yourself!

2) Alcohol and White Vinegar

In the case of delicate fabrics, it is possible to wet them with denatured alcohol and then with white vinegar in order to complete the removal action of the machine. After a few minutes you can safely put the fabric in the washing machine and carry out a normal wash. 

3) Sparkling Water

You are in the restaurant and you have just stained yourself with some wine. What to do? An emergency method is to pour plenty of sparkling water directly on the stain and rub with a clean cloth to greatly attenuate the stain. Obviously once you get home, you will need to wash it in the washing machine.

4) Lemon juice

It is the typical grandmother's remedy. In fact, just drop a few drops of lemon juice on the entire stain, add a few drops of liquid soap and leave it on for a few minutes in order to remove or attenuate both fresh and old stains. After that, a normal washing in the washing machine will always be necessary.

5) Toothpaste 

Another remedy includes the use of toothpaste, in fact it is possible to sprinkle the dry stain with toothpaste and leave it on for as long as possible before proceeding with the normal washing in the washing machine. Warning: in the case of whitening toothpaste, it may have a similar effect to that of bleach on colored fabrics.

6) Sodium Percarbonate

Almost foolproof method for removing stubborn stains from white fabrics or shirts. In fact it is a natural whitener with active oxygen. It is therefore sufficient to soak the stained fabric with water and sodium percarbonate following the simple instructions that are shown on the package.

7) Marseille soap

It is also possible to remove red wine stains with simple Marseille soap. Take the soap stick, wet it with water and then rub vigorously on the stain before washing the fabric in the washing machine. Effective on both fresh and dry spots.

8) White Wine and Bicarbonate

It seems impossible, but instead white wine can play a fundamental role against red wine stains. Just pour a little white wine on the stain and then cover with baking soda. Leave to act for a few hours, always keeping the baking soda moist with a little water. Finally, remove the excess baking soda and wash as normal in the washing machine.

9) Milk 

Dry the excess wine with absorbent paper such as scottex. Then pour some milk directly into the machine and wait about an hour. After the waiting time has elapsed, the stain should have almost completely disappeared.


Now that you know all these 9 ways to remove red wine stains, all you have to do is drink it! 

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