Planting a Tree with Bottle of Italy: How does it work?

Planting a Tree with Bottle of Italy: How does it work?

May 31, 2021


Cristiano Aprigliano

How to plant a tree with Bottle of Italy?

From May 2021, Bottle of Italy is committed to planting a tree for every 10 orders placed on its Online wine shop to offset the CO2 emissions produced by the order shipping process.

Thanks to a close collaboration with Tree-Nation, for each order a tree will automatically be planted in areas of the world particularly affected by deforestation such as Nepal or Madagascar. 

How does it work

Every 10 orders placed at our Online wine shop, Bottle of Italy plants a tree, across Tree-Nation.

The tree is chosen automatically by Tree-Nation, which also chooses the area of the world in which to plant it based on where there is most need.

It is possible to download the Tree Certificates, which contain useful information on the planted tree.

Example of Certificate:


Certificato Albero - Tree Certificate Bottle of Italy


The Forest of Bottle of Italy

All the trees planted by Bottle of Italy are grouped in a single Online Forest which can be viewed on the Tree Nation website

Online forest of Bottle of Italy

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