Which Gins to give at Christmas. Here are the most popular!

Which Gins to give at Christmas. Here are the most popular!

Dec 14, 2022


Ilaria Rosa | Bottle of Italy

Gin is certainly one of the most appreciated and preferred alcoholic categories to give as a gift: a distillate that offers a wide choice thanks to the wide range of different types and tastes, excellent to be enjoyed straight or combined with tonic waters to create exceptional cocktails.

Below we suggest the most renowned ones for guaranteed success!

A distillate that comes from the tradition and great experience of Scottish master distillers, whose production process brings to mind that of Whiskey as it is carried out through two copper discontinuous stills; this, to best enhance the purest and most refined aromas of the distinct botanicals used. The traditional blend of herbs and spices is used in the preparation, but rose petals from Bulgaria and local cucumbers are added during the distillation. To make the quality of the distillate even higher, it is produced in small batches of 450 liters, also to better manage to keep each step under control. Many small tricks used to have a unique and almost unobtainable Gin. A transparent and limpid liqueur, which conquers the sense of smell with clear citrus sensations of lemon, lime and citron, mixed with spicier nuances of black pepper and juniper, and a mentholated and balsamic gust of eucalyptus in the background. In the mouth it is extremely soft and balanced, followed by a right freshness of cucumber accompanied by the delicate sweetness of the rose, releasing an aromatic and very refined finish.

Based on an ancient 1761 recipe created by the distiller Thomas Dakin. Exceptional raw materials are used for its creation and a unique production method is used, different from all standards. Many great Gins are made with the method of boiling the botanicals with the spirit, but for Gin Bombay the steam infusion process is used by fusing the botanicals with the spirit still in the form of vapor. A special very delicate procedure, which requires the use of special and unique Carterhead stills, two examples existing all over the world, used by Bombay to produce this exciting distillate, certified as London Dry Gin. The result is a standing ovation product, with great softness, with a rich, fresh and spicy taste. The aroma inspires the senses with citrus notes, a pinch of freshly ground black pepper and fragrant Tuscan juniper, ending with exotic floral notes that intoxicate the nose. On the sip you realize that the warmth of the pepper and the freshness of the citrus fruits are revealed in perfect harmony. There are also hints of coriander and angelica, as well as iris roots that make their presence slightly felt on the finish. The closure is entrusted to the fragrance of citrus essential oils combined with the warmth of pepper that offer a sensational sip.

Produced in the Black Forest, in Germany, by Black Forest Distillers, it is a distillate much appreciated by connoisseurs of the genre, for its great gustatory balance. 47 is the number of herbs and spices needed for its preparation; they are carefully selected and infused in spring water from the source to the distillery. The most important ingredient is the cranberry, typical of the Black Forest, in addition to the refinement in particular terracotta containers, which contribute to giving it an archaic and particularly spicy taste. Perfect as a base for cocktails, this Gin is also perfectly expressed when drunk neat, just as its true admirers suggest. Its color is a very intense amber yellow; as you can imagine, a multiplicity of aromas are perceived in the nose ranging from prune, almond, cinnamon, cardamom and also nutmeg, mint and hazelnut, in a continuous carousel of aromas that highlight a great complexity olfactory. In the mouth the taste is decidedly subtle and linear, incredibly fine and harmonious, very complex in the gustatory balance in which all the aromas perceived on the nose rebound, towards a very long finish of blueberry and juniper.

It takes its name from the word "sei" written in Japanese "Roku".
You are like the number of botanicals used in its production which includes: Sakura flower, yuzu peel, Sansho pepper, Sakura leaf, Sencha tea and Gyokuro tea. Six is also the number of sides of the particular hexagonal-shaped bottle, with a rice paper label ( washi ), decorated with traditional Japanese calligraphy. Roku Gin was born from a brilliant idea by Shinjiro Torii, the founder of Suntory. The goal as a lover of his land was to produce a particular Japanese distillate produced exclusively with natural ingredients of his country. The delicate note of cherry blossom essence (sakura) is obtained from vacuum distillation in stainless steel stills, while the strong taste of yuzu is obtained from distillation in copper stills. Gin "Roku" Suntory is completely transparent and clear; the set of scents that envelop the nose is light, with prevailing floral notes, in which the more classic juniper note emerges. When tasted it has a good structure and a precise sip in which the light spicy note is appreciated.
An excellent, refined and charming Gin, perfect for being the star of the most exclusive cocktail parties.

A distillate that recalls the place where it was born, fresh like the strong winds that blow on the ocean. A unique gin for its marked acidity, which is discovered with a new taste in the vast panorama of Gins. It is produced starting from a distillate of Albariño wine, a typical vine of Spanish Galicia, in which local botanicals are infused: sage, mint, bay leaf, cardamom, ginger as well as the classic juniper. The local botanicals are carefully selected and skilfully processed to create a unique, clear gin with herbaceous and floral aromatic notes accompanied by marine scents. In the mouth the taste has a medium structure, guaranteeing a rather smooth, very fresh and light sip.

Now the choice is yours!
And if you are not satisfied, or you are curious to discover all our proposals, visit the entire Gin Collection. Click here!

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