The best wines to pair with Easter desserts

The best wines to pair with Easter desserts

Mar 30, 2023


Ilaria Rosa | Bottle of Italy

During the Easter period, from North to South, the tables are colored and laden with any sweet or savory delicacy. However, it is on desserts that we want to focus our attention and recommend the best wines to uncork in the company of friends or relatives. Among the typical sweets of the regional tradition, the best known product is certainly the Milanese dove, an Easter symbol now widespread throughout the peninsula; particularly appreciated are also the Sicilian cassata, the Neapolitan pastiera, the Umbrian ciaramicola and certainly the chocolate egg cannot be missing. Each individual region therefore has its own typical recipe ready to serve for lunch on Easter day, we have associated wines with each of them that, in our opinion, go perfectly with them.

Let's start with the Colomba, the Easter dessert par excellence, a very soft and delicious leavened dough made with flour, eggs, butter, sugar and candied fruit, which in the classic version is covered with a sweet icing and almonds. A delicious preparation already known in medieval times, it is said that King Alboino was the protagonist of the siege of Pavia in the sixth century and it seems that he spared the city from looting, for this reason the citizens offered him a sweet bread as a sign of peace in the shape of a dove precisely on the day of Holy Easter. A typical dessert whose realization requires a long preparation and which therefore deserves carefully selected wines in combination, we point out the Moscato D'Asti DOCG - Sparkling Sweet - Cossetti Clemente or the Brachetto D'Acqui DOCG - Acquesi or the Passito Albana - Bradamante - Poderi dal Nespoli.

The chocolate egg was born in 1725 in Piedmont from an idea of the widow Giambone, who began to fill the empty egg shells with melted chocolate, meeting with resounding success. In 1925 the surprise so loved by children but also by adults was enclosed for the first time inside an egg. Whether they are milk chocolate or white chocolate, the perfect match is certainly the Liqueur Raisin Wine Notorius of the Avanzi winery while with dark chocolate we recommend the Barolo Chinato Ancient Recipe - Cocchi.

The Pastiera, a typical Neapolitan dessert that certainly cannot be missing on the tables of the Neapolitans on Easter day, is said to have originated from a fantastic legend that tells of a siren, Partenope, who chose the Gulf of Naples to make her melodious songs. To thank her, the locals began a strange ritual, this consisted of bringing the mermaid seven gifts, each with its own meaning: flour (wealth), ricotta (abundance), eggs (fertility), wheat cooked in milk (union flora and fauna) and sugar (the sweetness of his song). The mermaid was very pleased with the gifts, she mixed them and created this wonderful dessert made up of a shell of shortcrust pastry filled with a creamy filling based on ricotta cheese, wheat and pieces of candied fruit, all flavored with cinnamon, millefiori and orange blossom. The perfect combination is certainly a glass of your choice from the Picolit DOC - Ronco dei Tassi o to

The queen of the Sicilian Easter lunch is undoubtedly the Cassata, an exquisite sweet symbol of this splendid island which was born in the 19th century by the hand of Salvatore Gulì, a pastry chef from Palermo. An excellent representation of cultural heritage that landed on the island: the ricotta brought by the Romans, the marzipan and brown sugar imported by the Arabs and the chocolate supplied by the Spaniards. With this delicious dessert, the perfect combination is certainly with the Passito di Pantelleria DOC - Ben Ryè - Donnafugata o to Malvasia di Sicilia IGT - Martinez o to Sweet Marsala Superiore Riserva Oro DOC - Bip Benjamin - Pellegrino 1880.

Hoping that you will like our suggestions, we wish you a happy Easter. 

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