Vegetarian cuisine and beer: the recommended pairings.

Vegetarian cuisine and beer: the recommended pairings.

Apr 04, 2023


Ilaria Rosa | Bottle of Italy

Beer is usually a drink associated with classic pub or pizzeria dishes such as hamburgers and chips, fried chicken and pizza, but we want to draw your attention to some craft beers that are particularly suitable with vegetarian dishes. In fact, there are many people who today have begun to follow a vegetable-based diet and those who have converted to this diet and love beer must know that many small craft breweries are also springing up that create products with totally natural products of vegetable origin able to make the most of the dishes dedicated to them.

The advice is to try the pairing by "contrast" and by "similarity" and then combine a basically sweet dish, such as rice or pasta dishes rich in carbohydrates, a craft beer rather hard and tending to bitter. For a perfect combination of food and beer, when it comes to structured foods, the beer to match must also be full-bodied and structured; while the more delicate dishes require a fresher and lighter, clear or amber one. When, on the other hand, the dish is particularly rich in aromas and spices, the accompanying taste must also be pleasantly aromatic.

After the general indications, let's move on to the practical examples and therefore, you will find the perfect pairings below. Let's start with the king of first courses, his majesty, spaghetti with tomato sauce with a garnish of fresh basil, a first course that finds its maximum expression in combination with a light, slightly bitter and delicate lager beer like Salinae beer with Cervia salt or a bière Blanche like la Prestige Beer - La Bianca - Labi.

With a pasta with Genoese pesto or seasoned with flavors such as capers, oregano and onion, it is advisable to combine soft, slightly bitter beers and why not, those not based on wheat such as a Trappist or an amber double malt. We therefore point out the Wesmalle - Tripel or the Amber Beer - La Cotta.

Instead, with a vegetable pizza with mushrooms, a drink that can counteract the acidic vegetable residue like only la is better Birra Duvel can do, a real Ale with character. With fresh salads and artichoke-based dishes, the most suitable are soft beers and therefore light and not very bitter lagers. On the contrary, with hot soups and stews a Belgian double malt or an abbey beer with a strong flavor are the most suitable, we suggest Craft Beer - Pirata - Mazapégul o to Salinae Ambrata beer with Cervia salt.

Drinking beer in moderation is an absolutely healthy way of drinking, a pleasure to be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

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