Tequila: The Truth About the Worm - Mythology or Reality?

Tequila: The Truth About the Worm - Mythology or Reality?

Apr 30, 2023


Cristiano Aprigliano

We've wondered many times what "wormed" means for Tequila. While some believe it to be a legend, others argue that there is a truth behind this term. In this article, we will explore the origin of this expression and try to figure out whether or not it is true.

The Legend of the Worm in Tequila

Legend has it that the worm was introduced into tequila as a sign of high quality. According to this story, only the finest bottles of tequila contain the worm. The worm itself is said to be a delight and its presence is a guarantee of authenticity.

The truth behind the worm in tequila

In fact, the worm has never been a feature of traditional tequila. It was only after the popularity of mezcal, a tequila-like alcoholic beverage, that the worm was introduced as a marketing ploy to promote mezcal. Most tequila producers don't use the worm as an ingredient, and only a few brands of mezcal include it in the bottle.

Why did the worm become associated with tequila?

Despite the fact that the worm has never been a traditional feature of tequila, many people still associate it with this drink. There are several theories as to why this happened.

One theory suggests the worm was introduced into tequila to boost its popularity. Others believe it was added to distinguish mezcal from tequila. There are also those who think that the worm was added to tequila as a form of protest against the growing commercialization of the drink.

Bottom line, the legend of the worm in tequila is just a myth. While some brands of mezcal include the worm in the bottle, most tequila makers don't. If you're looking for an authentic tequila experience, you don't need to worry about the worm. Instead, focus on the quality of the product and enjoy your drink.

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