Brasserie Goudale Brewery

France. In 1919 the Grande Brasserie des Enfants de Gayant was born, a brewery that initially sold its beers exclusively within a radius of 2 km. In 1955, given the potential of the company, Jean-Pierre d'Aubreby bought it; arriving in 1965 to count 87 employees.

Growth continued in 1982, and the company boasts 144 employees. In the same year, his special beer will be launched on the market: the "Biere Du Demon".

The Goudale brand will be exhibited on the first labels in 1994. Today the Brasserie Goudale, after more than 100 years of activity, despite the modernizations and the best machinery for the production of beer, employs 99 people and produces over 1 million hectoliters of beer.

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