Alberelli di Giodo Winery

Podere Giodo is the winery dreamed of, designed, founded and managed in the Montalcino area by Carlo Ferrini, a very famous historical winemaker, an icon of wine in Italy. Carlo has an immense passion for wine and meticulously takes care of every little detail, from the careful choice of clones to winemaking practices. The winery was born between 2001 and 2003, the first production was carried out with particular success and great results in 2009.

The company's vineyards include 5 and a half hectares at 300 m above sea level, in the southwestern area of Montalcino. Here Ferrini planted his ideal Sangiovese vineyard with a density of 6,600 plants per hectare. The artisanal production is limited, with very few bottles of Brunello di Montalcino it receives huge awards from the greatest critics in the sector.

Podere Giodo wines reflect power, elegance, density and concentration, great expressions of the Montalcino terroir, marketed by one of the most prestigious names in the Italian wine scene, Carlo Ferrini.

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