Albinea Canali Winery

Albinea Canali is an ancient and historic Emilian winery, today part of the Cantine Riunite group, which has always been committed to the production of local wines and to the enhancement of Lambrusco, an icon vine of the region. It was 1934, when to face the difficulties of the market, Lorenzo Motti and Riziero Camellini formed a small cooperative with other Lambrusco and Ancellotta producers. The idea turned out to be good immediately, in a short time other winemakers joined and, after two years, the Albinea Canali winery was officially born, which has become a point of reference of vital importance for all winemakers in the hilly area north of Reggio Emilia.

In the first decades of its debut, the Albinea Canali winery has grown a lot, reaching the beauty of one hundred and seventy suppliers and has become one of the most important in the area in the sale of quality bulk wine. Today the winery has evolved and following the great development of the market, it has aimed to direct production towards quality labels. Its greatest success is based on particularly fine vineyards, located in the beautiful pre-Apennine area not far from Reggio Emilia.

The vineyards enjoy sunny exposures, a mild and breezy climate, on gravelly soils, very draining and particularly suitable for them, here the Lambrusco expresses itself on excellent quality levels. Lambrusco fully represents all the tradition and the immense history of the territory, the most genuine and authentic expression of these splendid generous lands. An ancient vine, already known in Roman times and seems to derive from the domestication of the wild vine. Once, in the collective imagination, Lambrusco was linked only to the idea of a popular and easy-to-drink everyday wine, today on the market it is offered with carefully crafted versions, which highlight its expressive qualities.

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