Bertè & Cordini Winery

Bertè Cordini took over the historic winery in 1974, and continues the journey begun in 1895 by the landowner Francesco Montagna, one of the first wineries in Broni, an ancient village in the Oltrepò Pavese.

An area located in the center of one of the territories whose productions take on unmistakable and appreciated aromas all over the world. The company was immediately in search of absolute quality with an ambitious oenological project, starting with a careful selection of the most suitable vines, in total respect of the natural properties of the grapes.

To begin the journey of the cellar were; Natale, Mariella and Antonio and, a few years later, Luca, Marzia and Matteo, who continue to put their studies to good use in the various areas of expertise. In addition to its own vineyards, the winery is supported by the grapes of forty winegrowers, with a total extension of 150 hectares of vineyards.

The two excellent sparkling wines that the winery produces represent the flagship of Bertè Cordini's production: fragrant wines, with great balance, extremely balanced and rich in aromas that only the Oltrepò Pavese terroir is able to give.

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