Ca' Viola Winery

The history of the Ca 'Viola farm begins in Montelupo Albese, in the Langa. Beppe rents the vineyard of dreams, called Barturot, and together with his faithful Maurizio they vinify the grapes in the garage of their parents' house. One day Elio Altare tastes that wine and encourages Beppe to bottle it. Thus the first Caviola label comes out.

It is 1991, another bet is immediately joined in Montelupo, Beppe also manages a small plot of barbera which decides to make wine according to new orientations, the famous Bric du Luv is born, which sums up the evolution (indeed, the revolution ) which is taking place under the sky of the Langa.

The new labels were born later, and in 2002 the winery moved to Dogliani, but here the Caviola family invents a complex in which production, advice and tourist hospitality (the relais Villa Bracco) can coexist in harmony, united by the same philosophy of simplicity and of excellence.

In 2005 the most prestigious chapter begins: to lead a Nebbiolo vineyard from Barolo. The Sottocastello di Novello cru is the chosen one, the brother-in-law Giancarlo is also involved in the challenge. This is how the first label of the "King of wines" enters the scene. From the hills of the wolves to Dogliani, and from here to Barolo. We have come a long way, so much remains to go, the future has already begun.

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